Who we are

Welcome to Exceptional Players, a football agency based in the Netherlands. We believe that good cooperation, talent, discipline, patience and conviction are the keys to success. 

In collaboration with our specialized partners, our organization focuses on a common of football players who want to achieve the maximum in their football career. We also focus, with our partners, on important commercial and financial considerations that the players have to make and that make them feel valued.



Our main goal is to help football players get the most out of their football career. We do this by means of monitors. We look for each player where their qualities and possibilities lie. This allows us to draw up a step-by-step plan. Each player receives periodic evaluations within his supervision, so that we can closely monitor developments of players and give advice.​ ​


In addition to talent, we also select for various important qualities that a football player should possess. These traits include a strong personality, ambition and the right mindset. This means that the player must be willing to develop more every day and get the best out of his career. This includes an ambitious plan for the future. When a footballer signs with us, we expect that he already has an idea of his goal and when he wants to achieve it. We will then do our utmost to achieve this goal together with the player. In addition, we always try to place our players with a team that gets the best out of the players. A player must know what his rights and obligations are within a club. Club culture must also suit the player. As a result, we do not only look at the financial level or at the best clubs in the world. We will at all times place our players with a team that suits them best. In this way, if a player has developed sufficiently and is willing to make the move, a top club from the top leagues will follow automatically.

Hassan Imoussaten


Hassan Imoussaten has been active in the football world for decades. He started as the founder of talent football school “Image Support”, where he has seen many talents grow up to become professional footballers. Partly due to the experience and the network that Hassan has built up over the years, he knows better than anyone which factors are necessary to succeed as a football player in the world of professional football. If a player has talent and intrinsic motivation, then with the right guidance, the maximum can be made out of his talent. This guidance should be based on mutual trust and transparency. In order to be able to realize the guidance in every area, Hassan has put together a professional and expert team and Exceptional Players was created.

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Our Team

Ahmed Abou-Elkhair

FIFA Match Agent / Legal Advisor

Abdenour Kahia

Intermediair / Representative

Ishak Benkheil


Bennani Hicham

Scout (France region)

Mostafa Hosny

Representative Egypt

Kevin Weiland

Technology and Media – Head of international relations